Examinations and Revision

This page offers advice, links and resources for preparing for both the practice exam held in the Term 3 break and the end of year Examination.

The end of year English Examination is the culmination of your work over the past six years of study. At three hours, it is a demanding physical and intellectual task that you must train for! Use whatever metaphor works for you - training for footy, basketball or tennis; rehearsing for drama, dance and music - to remind yourself that training is the key. Your family, friends and myself can only cheer you on and encourage - on the day of the exam it is all up to you.

2010 English Examination: Thursday 28 October 2010

Regular practice tasks and revision are the key to coping with the demands of the Examination. Recommended tasks include writing thorough essay plans, complete essays, memorising and analysing quotes for further meaning, re-reading important passages, keeping up with current affairs/reading editorials, opinion pieces and feature articles for persuasive language techniques and strong writing. You should be doing something for English every day!

Victorian Association for the Teaching of English

The annual Student Revision Day offered by VATE is highly recommended. Follow the link for registration and details of the day. This year it is being held on Saturday 9th October at Monash University Caulfield Campus.

Victorian Association for the Teaching of English

Identity and Belonging Prompts for Writing

The following list of prompts for writing can be explored in relation to either of the two Area of Study 2 texts Witness or Catcher in the Rye. Remember to identify a clear mode (expository, imaginative or persuasive) and an appropriate form (essay, personal reflection, fictional narrative, editorial, letter to the editor, eulogy, obituary, etc.) as part of your planning. Your finished piece should demonstrate clear understanding of the audience and purpose of your piece through its structure, format and language.

Using Language to Persuade - Language Analysis

Here is the powerpoint overview of how to approach this section of the examination.

A Farewell to Arms - Seminar Presentation